Metal Mastermind

The "how-to" guide for the modern metal musician; giving you the knowledge and power you need to be successful in the studio, on stage, and in life.

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Actionable Techniques

You'll get 'real-world' scenario tips and techniques that you can start using with your music right away to get better recordings, mixes, and performances.

Progressive, Next Level

You'll learn the modern way of getting your music heard and how to build a relevance audience, as well as how you can better engage with your fans. 

Mastering Your Mind

Everything you do is interconnected, and Ken and Jason provide you with invaluable ways to enhance your life with their strategies for health, mental power, and longevity. 

Meet the Creators of Metal Mastermind

Ken Candelas

Pro audio sound engineer & musician

Ken is a professor of audio engineering and also works gigs like Good Morning America. He's also the founder of the NY-based band Homerik. 

Jason STallworth

Solo recording artist

Jason is a metal guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who has produced and released 4 solo albums. He's also an engaged YouTuber that helps other guitar players excel. 

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