About Metal Mastermind®

Metal Mastermind® was created to help aspiring Metal artists and bands get to the next level in their performance techniques, production skills and music business education. Founded and solely operated by Metal musicians Ken Candelas and Jason Stallworth in the state of Florida, Metal Mastermind® provides a wealth of resources for production studio management, stage presence, and everyday lifestyle through the eyes of independent Metal musicians. Metal Mastermind®, LLC partners with independent instructors to expand its library of courses while selling merchandise and goods in its own proprietary online store.

Candelas and Stallworth formed their initial partnership as first-generation ‘Elite’ students of Savvy Musician Academy; an intense educational program for marketing and promoting independent music. Through their likeness as metalheads, they studied together outside of class with their own 'mastermind' sessions to discuss new ideas and strategies for each other’s musical projects.  One day, it hit Candelas and Stallworth to formulate their knowledge of music creation & marketing, with their decades of combined experience as professional musicians, to form Metal Mastermind®, LLC and tackle the needs of the independent Metal community. To do this, they created a platform that specifically serves the Metal community and is tailored with the perspective of the common independent Metal musician.

The Founders

Ken Candelas

Ken is a professor of audio engineering in New York City at SAE Institute and the Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York and LaGuardia Community College. Endorsed by Antelope Audio, Audeze, Soundtheory, NUGEN Audio, (and more) Ken has worked on gigs like Good Morning America and in studios all over New York City. He has extensive experience in all forms of audio including recording, mixing, mastering, post-production and broadcast. He is the founder of the cinematic metal project, Homerik and the drummer of Four Trips Ahead and participates in the AES Audio Educators Advisory Group to review manufacturers' products and discuss pedagogy for education. Ken teaches the Metal Music Theory and Metal Studio Designer courses on Metal Mastermind®.

Jason Stallworth

Jason is a metal guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who has produced and released 4 solo albums. He's also an engaged YouTuber that helps other guitar players excel in their craft. Jason teaches the Metal Guitar Apprentice and Metal Riff Master courses on Metal Mastermind®.

Our Instructors

Alfred Potter

Alfred Potter

Alfred is a solo instrumental progressive metal guitarist and tutor living in New Zealand. In addition to publishing numerous ebooks and tuition courses, he has released two albums: "Argonaut" and "Splendor of Sands". He is endorsed by Hawk Picks and Kahler tremolo bridges. Alfred teaches the Sweep Picking Master course on Metal Mastermind®.

Elizabeth de Deus

Elizabeth is a vocal coach, music producer, and songwriter from NYC. She specializes in vocal technique and music theory development, as well as music composition and music production. Elizabeth teaches the Metal Vocal Virtuoso course on Metal Mastermind®.

Elizabeth de Deus
Nic Z

Nic Z

Nic Z is an audio engineer/producer/multi-instrumentalist who's been active in music his whole life. He's been mixing and mastering since the age of 15 and started recording local bands in 2013. Today, Nic Z works with labels, artists, and bands all around the world. His passion for all things music are notoriously infectious. Nic Z teaches the Metal Producer Overlord course on Metal Mastermind®.

Rich Gray

Rich is the bassist for thrash metal legends Annihilator as well as creator and multi-instrumentalist for Aeon Zen. He also records as a session musician for hundreds of artists each year and runs a mixing & mastering studio in Cambridge, UK. Rich teaches the Metal Bass Master course on Metal Mastermind®.

Our Mods

Emily McKenna

Emily has been involved in music since she was young; her first love was the tuba, but she discovered the bass guitar as a teenager. She primarily plays the bass, but also guitar and synthesizers, and is currently the bassist and primary songwriter for her band. She is the community manager of the Metal Mastermind® Discord server and helps keep the conversation going.

Emily McKenna

Bryden MacGregor

Bryden has enjoyed music since he was young and picked up his first guitar at the age of 7. Throughout his schooling, he played in school bands and completed music production for school events and theatre performances, with some vocal training in between. At the end of school, Bryden graduated with his high school diploma with music as his main focus. Today he is focusing on songwriting and starting a band in the future. Bryden is a moderator of the Metal Mastermind® Discord community.