About Metal Mastermind

Metal Mastermind was created to help aspiring metal artists and bands get to that next level. Founded by metal musicians Ken Candelas and Jason Stallworth, you'll get a wealth of 'how-to' guidance for the studio, stage, and in everyday life.

Ken and Jason formed a friendship being first-generation students of Leah McHenry's Elite Savvy Musician Academy. This is an intense program for marketing and promoting music as an independent artist. 

Being both metalheads, they naturally started working together outside of class which also lead to having their own 'mastermind' sessions to bounce new ideas and strategies from one another.  

One day it just hit both Ken and Jason and they decided to put their knowledge of marketing together with their decades of combined experience as professional musicians to form Metal Mastermind.

Ken Candelas

Ken is a professor of audio engineering and also works gigs like Good Morning America. He's also the founder of the NY-based band Homerik. 

Jason Stallworth

Jason is a metal guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who has produced and released 4 solo albums. He's also an engaged YouTuber that helps other guitar players excel.