Metal Mastermind Courses

  • Create YOUR Own Style & Sound
    Our mission is to help bring out your best and true potential as a musician. We want to see you succeed in creating your own sound, not someone else's.
  • We Cater to the Rock & Metal Community
    Our courses cater to YOU and your style of music. We're not trying to be everything to everyone 

Guitar Courses

Metal Guitar Apprentice

Master the Fundamentals of Metal Guitar in the Ultimate Metal Guitar Course for Beginners

Sweep Picking Master

Master The Art of Sweep Picking, Technical Efficiency, Virtuoso Licks & Melodic Phrasing

Metal Riff Master

Take Your Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar Playing to the Next Level by Learning New Riffs and Mastering Metal Guitar Techniques

Metal Bass Master

Learn how to Play Metal Bass From a True Professional, Rich Gray (Annihilator & Aeon Zen)!

Vocal Courses

Metal Vocal Virtuoso

Learn How to Sing Powerful Rock & Metal Vocals without Damaging Your Voice and Develop Your Own Unique Vocal Style

Studio & Production Courses

Metal Producer Overlord

Learn the Pro Techniques for Mixing Metal Music for Balanced Mixes with Clarity.

Metal Studio Designer

Learn the Science of Sound & How to Design a Professional Home Recording Studio

Songwriting & Theory Courses

Metal Songwriter's Forge

Turn Your Riffs, Lyrics, and Ideas into Captivating & Original Songs that You're Proud of and Overcome Songwriter's Block 

Metal Music Theory

Learning Music Theory Can Unlock Your Inner Creativity and You'll Finally Understand What You're Playing (& Writing)