Metal Songwriter's Forge

Learn how to break through songwriter's block and write Metal songs that are original.

Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series

Your solution for creating Metal mixes that punch with clarity.

Metal Music Theory

Complete and easy way to learn music theory and how to apply theory to Rock and Metal music.

Metal Guitar Apprentice

Learn the fundamentals of Heavy Metal guitar that are used in every sub-genre of Metal music.

Metal Vocal Virtuoso

Learn how to sing Rock and Metal without damaging your voice and develop your own vocal style.

Sweep Picking Master

Learn how to master the most difficult guitar technique, sweep picking, from beginner to advanced.

Metal Studio Designer

Learn how to design and create a professional recording studio in your home through the eyes of a Metal producer.

Metal Riff Master

Take your Metal rhythm guitar skills to the next level by learning over 80 new riffs.