Master Metal Bass From a True Professional, Rich Gray (Annihilator & Aeon Zen)!

Metal Bass Master

Online Course By Rich Gray
Bassist for Annihilator & Aeon Zen, Owner of Gray Matter Audio

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There's so much more to Metal Bass than Copying Guitar Parts.

And Finally There's a Dedicated Resource for Metal Bassists to Master Their Instrument in Their Favorite Genre!

  • You'll quickly master the fundamentals of playing metal bass like a true bassist from a professional studio and touring metal musician
  • You'll learn BOTH fingerstyle and playing with a pick (and how to be proficient at both!)
  • You'll be able to play any style and sub genre of metal and all of the 'tricks' that pro bassists use to make their music stand out
  • You're learn how to lock your bass playing in with the drums for any song
  • You'll increase your skill level by learning patterns, scales, and techniques that are specific to metal bass playing
  • You'll learn advanced bass articulations like hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, grace notes, tapping, and more
  • You'll also get tips on dialing in the perfect metal bass tone and gear that fits your personal style 

Personal Note From Rich

Music begins with the rhythm section: bass and drums, and it is paramount that this foundation is rock solid, especially in metal!

Many musicians simply copy guitar parts on the bass but you can do so much more than this to become a world-class bassist.

Let me show you the true nature of the bass and how to maximize its potential. From technique to songwriting and everything in between, you'll learn all there is to make you, the bassist, sound your most musical self.

- Rich Gray

Bassist for Annihilator, creator and multi-instrumentalist for Aeon Zen, Owner of Gray Matter Audio

Rich Gray

What Musicians Say About Metal Bass Master

Jeff Waters (Annihilator)

"Rich's creativity and approach to the instrument has really elevated our music. He came in and co-wrote all the music with me, as well as co-produced the record [For The Demented]. His background of classic thrash metal meets a newer “technical” metal style was the perfect combination for me."

Tom de Wit - Musician; audio/video producer; label owner

"Working with Rich was a very constructive and pleasurable experience. Rich tries to get in your headspace and look at your wishes and audio preferences and then enhance those ideas. He has a lot of ideas of his own to bring to the table, but always in a way to lift your product to the next level and/or to give you the skills to do so, like a proper musician should be doing. Rich communicates clearly, is punctual and does his work in a professional manner. Highly recommended if you search for a pop, rock, metal musician and producer that will increase the quality of your work!"

Prog Magazine (UK)

"Rich is a world-class multi-instrumentalist with a self-evident knack for getting the best out of other musicians. He creates sonically immaculate music, arranged with great delicacy."

Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One, Guilt Machine, Stream of Passion, solo)

"Excellent stuff! Rich's playing, skill on the instrument, and productions are very impressive."

Here's What You Get:

Structured and Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons

You'll start with the fundamentals of metal bass. From there, you'll experience a natural and gradual progression by learning and applying your skills on the bass to rock and metal music.

This course is designed to help you learn faster and more efficiently. 

Downloadable Music Notation, Tracks, & Exercises

You'll get the complete music notation along with tracks that you can use as references as you're learning.

Oh, and you'll also get a custom tracks written specifically for this course by Rich Gray!

Access at Anytime and Learn at Your Own Pace

You can access your course at anytime so that you can go at your own pace. 

You can also go back through the lessons or the entire course as many times as you want. 

Metal Bass Master is also a one-time cost, no monthly subscriptions!

Lesson Modules and Contents

Module 1: About the Instrument
  • Choosing Your Instrument
  • What Makes Up the Bass
  • Strings & Cleaning
  • Getting Comfortable with the Instrument
  • Steps & Accidentals
Module 2: Picking Hand Technique - Fingerstyle
  • Fingers or Pick?
  • Fingerstyle Basics
  • Picking with Two Fingers
  • Fingerstyle String Switching
  • Odd Groupings with Even Fingers
  • Blisters
Module 3: Picking Hand Technique - Pick
  • Playing with a Pick Basics
  • Alternate Picking
  • The Difference Between Alternate and Downstrokes
  • More Picking Hand Exercises
Module 4: Fretting Hand Technique
  • Hand Positioning
  • Fretting Hand Warmup
  • Muting, Pt. 1
  • Shifting and Finger Switching
Module 5: Combining the Two
  • Working in Coordination
  • Muting, Pt. 2
  • The Practice Mindset & Scales
Module 6: Riffs
  • Locking In with Drums
  • Metal Riff Patterns & Shapes, Pt. 1
  • Metal Riff Patterns & Shapes, Pt. 2
  • Riff Variations
Module 7: Working with Pedal Tones & Octaves
  • Pedal Tones
  • Octaves
Module 8: Working with Other Intervals & Movement
  • Fifths
  • Other Intervals
  • Time and Place
Module 9: Articulations
  • Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs
  • Slides and Grace Notes
  • Vibrato
  • Tapping
  • Natural Harmonics
Module 10: Note Lengths
  • Longer Notes
  • Shorter Notes
Module 11: Bringing It Together In Songs
  • Introduction
    Full Song Example 1: This Is Metal Mastermind
    Song 1 Analysis
    Full Song Example 2: Industrious
    Song 2 Analysis
    Aeon Zen, Full Song Example 3: Downfall
BONUS Module: Bass Tones
  • Metal Bass Tones & Sims

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What format does Metal Bass Master come in?

The format is an online course. Once you purchase Metal Bass Master, you will create a username and password that you will use to access the course. 

Who is Metal Bass Master for?

This course is for any rock or metal musician with a desire to take their musicianship to the next level by learning metal bass. 

Can I access Metal Bass Master at any time?

Yes! Once you purchase Metal Bass Master, you will always have access to the course. In fact, I encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish! 

Is Metal Bass Master just for bassists?

Metal Bass Master is designed for bassists, but its fundamentals can apply to guitarists who are looking to expand their skillset.

Can I download the music notation and tracks in the course?

Yes! You will be instructed throughout the course where to download tracks and music notation. 


How long will it take me to go through Metal Bass Master?

This really depends on you. We recommend not rushing through the course and spending adequate time on each module. We also encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish. Remember, once you purchase the course you'll always have access to it. 

Can't I just learn metal bass by watching YouTube videos?

You could. However, what sets this course apart is that it's a hyper-focused series of structured lessons. Rich also has a special way of teaching you so that it's fun and engaging.