Master the Fundamentals of Metal Guitar in the Ultimate Metal Guitar Course for Beginners

Metal Guitar Apprentice

Online Guitar Course By Solo Artist & Metal Mastermind Co-Founder: Jason Stallworth



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Pursue Your True Passion and Learn How to Play Metal Guitar

Metal Guitar Apprentice course preview
  • You're going to learn how to play the core metal guitar methods that are used in every sub genre of metal music 
  • You'll learn how to apply these methods to playing rhythms, riffs, and progressions based on classic heavy and thrash metal styles like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and more.
  • You'll go through a structured series of lessons that build upon one another to help you make consistent progress on guitar and learn more efficiently 
  • I'll show you an easy way to quickly memorize the notes on your fretboard so that you will no longer be stuck wondering where the notes are
  • You'll get the complete professional guitar tabs and backing tracks to download and practice with
  • You'll get 2 free bonus modules with Metal Guitar Apprentice: how to write your first original riff and a complete home studio setup guide

Personal Note From Your Instructor: Jason Stallworth

Playing metal guitar is one of the most awesome experiences! But it can also be frustrating when you're just getting started (or coming back after a long break!).

That's exactly why I created Metal Guitar Apprentice for you. I came up with a specific methodology and sequence of lessons that are designed to help you learn faster and more efficiently.

I'm excited for you to start your journey of playing metal guitar and honored to be a part of this with you!

- Jason Stallworth

(I've been helping metal guitarists on YouTube since 2010 and also have multiple albums released as an independent artist. I'm also the co-founder of Metal Mastermind.)

Jason Stallworth guitar

Here's What You Get:

Easy to follow video lessons

Back tracks & tabs

Master the basics

Unlimited access

Metal Guitar Apprentice what you get
Metal Guitar Apprentice screenshot course
Structured and Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons

Once you learn the basics in the first module, you'll experience a natural and gradual progression by applying those methods to learning new music.
This course is designed to help you learn faster and more efficiently. 

Metal Guitar Apprentice preview tabs
Downloadable Backing Tracks and Tabs

Each lesson will have a two backing tracks for each riff that you can download.
You get a full mix backing track and another with just bass and drums to jam to.
And you'll get professional guitar tabs for each lesson.

Metal Matermind course log in screen
Access at Anytime and Learn at Your Own Pace

You'll can access your course at anytime so that you can go at your own pace.
You can also go back through the lessons or the entire course as many times as you want.
Metal Guitar Apprentice is also a one-time cost, no monthly subscriptions!

Metal Guitar Apprentice Course Outline

Metal Guitar Apprentice module intro
Introduction & Preparation Module
  • Course flow and what to expect
  • Jason's guitar journey (this is something you can relate to!)
  • Recommended gear
  • Proper mindset for success
Metal Guitar Apprentice module 1
Module 1: Basic Metal Guitar Methods
  • How to play the core methods like power chords, palm muting, picking techniques, and single-note riffs
  • You'll get exercises to practice and help you master these methods
Metal Guitar Apprentice module 2
Module 2: Metal Progressions
  • You'll begin to apply the methods you learned
  • Focuses on power chord progressions, palm muting, and picking techniques
Metal Guitar Apprentice module 3
Module 3: Metal Riffs
  • You'll graduate to playing progressions with single-note riffs
  • Focuses on combining progressions with riffs
Metal Guitar Apprentice module 4
Module 4: Extended Rhythms and Riff
  • You'll expand your learning to playing longer rhythms that include both power chord progressions and single-note riffs
  • Focuses on building your skills to play songs
Metal Guitar Apprentice module 5
Module 5: Next Level Methods
  • You'll begin to dive deeper into methods such as playing variations of power chords, hammer-ons, galloping, etc.
  • Focuses on pushing you further from a beginner to intermediate level guitarist

What Students are Saying about Metal Guitar Apprentice

MRM - Joshua Kingstone

Jason is hands down the best at making it easy and understandable...

"I am 41 years old with a lot of experience playing mediocre guitar that forced me into playing with music outside of my favorite genre.  I got tired of playing with beats and synths and decided it was time to brave the world of the unknown and learn to do what I really want:  Play metal.

I scoured youtube looking for someone that fit both the style, and taught in a way I could listen.  Jason is hands down the best at making it easy and understandable.  The playing it right isn't easy, but just in the small time since I've been doing these lessons, my picking and fingering have increased enough that I can comfortably record.

I can't thank Jason enough for giving me a path to the music I've always wanted to play."

Joshua Kingstone

MRM - Kent L

This course helps my learning my style...

"I like Metal Riff Master very much. Im still in the Module 1 because I'm following your Youtube lessons and getting ideas from that. I get so many new ideas and I'm learning to hear all variations in a song better. I am pleased to see that the course is expanding. I am a Maiden fan and my best friend is a Metallica fan and this course helps me combining this bands playing style mixed with your learning. It's great!"

Kent Lundstrom

Metal Riff Master Review - Woody

Riffs to create your own masterpieces...

"Jason  gives you great examples of riffs to use to create your own masterpieces. Slowly showing the riffs with him playing  and also available tabs and backing tracks to follow. Even beginners and intermediate players can follow and learn. I have only been using it for a short time and it is an important part of my learning of metal playing."


You Also Get 2 Bonus Modules:

Bonus 1: Writing Your First Riff

You're going to learn how to connect riffs and progressions and also an easy way to learn the chords and notes that naturally fit with the key you're playing in.

Bonus 2: Home Recording Studio Setup

This is a complete home studio setup guide. You'll also learn how to use virtual amp sims and plugins, and I'll take you through the process of recording a full mix track.

Metal Guitar Apprentice W

Metal Guitar Apprentice



Also Includes:

Writing Your First Metal Riff



Home Recording Studio Setup



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***Lifetime access - No subscription fees!


What format does Metal Guitar Apprentice come in?

The format is an online course. Once you purchase Metal Guitar Apprentice, you will create a username and password that you will use to access the course. 

Who is Metal Guitar Apprentice for?

This course is for any guitar player who is just starting (or wants to start) playing metal music. It is recommended that you already know the basic chords. 

Can I access Metal Guitar Apprentice at any time?

Yes! Once you purchase Metal Guitar Apprentice, you will always have access to the course. In fact, I encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish! 

Can intermediate guitarists benefit from Metal Guitar Apprentice?

If you're at an intermediate level, you'll more than likely breeze through the content in Metal Guitar Apprentice. 

However, it never hurts to revisit the basics. And because of the way the lessons are structured, you may learn a few new tips that help you progress even further than where you're at now. 

Can I download the guitar tabs in the course?

Yes! Each module has an intro section in which the guitar tabs can be downloaded for that module. So you'll ultimately download a PDF guitar tabs files for each module. 

If you use Guitar Tab Pro, those files are available to you as well in these sections. 

Can I download the guitar tabs in the course?

Yes. Each module has an intro section in which the guitar tabs and backing tracks can be downloaded for that module.

If you use Guitar Tab Pro, those files are available to you as well in these sections. 

How long will it take me to go through Metal Guitar Apprentice?

This really depends on you. We recommend not rushing through the course and spending adequate time on each module. We also encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish. Remember, once you purchase the course you'll always have access to it. 

Can't I just get free lessons by watching YouTube videos?

You could. However, what sets this course apart is that it's a hyper-focused series of structured lessons. In other words, it's designed to help go beyond being a beginner much faster.

Can I download the backing tracks?

Yes! These can be downloaded in the same section as the guitar tab files in the first video of each module.

There are a set of downloadable backing tracks for each lesson module. Even better, you get a full mix with drums, bass, and guitar as well as an additional mix without the guitar (just drums and bass). 

You'll also have a backing track included in the applicable video lessons at the end of those lessons to play along with.