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Online Course By Pro Metal Mixing Engineer & Coach:
Nicholas 'Nic Z' Zalowski

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Learn the universal techniques and pro secrets to MIX any sub-genre of Metal for powerful end-results

***This metal mixing course also includes mastering! 

  • You're going to learn how to make your mixes translate to ALL environments, not just in your studio.
  • You'll learn how to make pockets in your mix so that instruments can be clear and not overpowering other elements in the mix.
  • You'll learn what industry standard really means and how to achieve it
  • You'll stop wasting time searching for the 'perfect' plug-in and learn what you really need.
  • You'll learn how to achieve a faster and more efficient workflow.
  • You'll also gain the confidence to work on other artists' and bands' projects.

Personal Note From Nic Z

Mixing metal can present many challenges due to the complexity and sheer amount of different sub genres.

It's no secret that metal is an underground landscape, that which has few resources available to the community. Metal stands apart from all the rest. 

Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series is a no-nonsense approach to creating industry-standard mixes for metal.

Let's get to it!

- Nicholas 'Nic Z' Zalowski

Owner of Fermata Face Studios and pro audio engineer/producer/multi-instrumentalist for labels, artists, and bands all around the world. 

Nic Z - Nicholas Zalowski

What Musicians Say About Nic Z's Mixing Approach?

John C.

"Not going to lie, I like it a lot. I've been mixing and mastering my own music and other peoples music for past couple of years. However I never felt like I understood why I did certain things. I was just copying moves other people were doing on YouTube. But Nic Z’s workflow and explanations really compliment what I was already doing helping me solidify my understanding."

Jacob B.

"The studio experience could not have been better. Nic was efficient and delivered great sounding mixes that were exactly what we asked for."

Jared M.

"My band recorded a demo here. We had a blast recording and are fully expecting to head back for a full length in the future."

Michael G.

"Not only does Nic get great tones/sounds but he knows how to encourage the best performance out of a player. He cares about the project he works on and it shows."

Here's What You Get With Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series:

Structured and Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons

You'll learn a wide range of mixing techniques with three different case studies. 

This course is designed to help you learn faster and more effectively. 

Downloadable Templates & Mixing Sessions

You'll get two mixes that you can work with.
You'll also get templates to make your workflow more efficient for different DAWs.

Access at Anytime and Learn at Your Own Pace

You can access your course at anytime so that you can go at your own pace. This is also a one-time cost, no monthly subscriptions!

Lesson Modules and Contents

Introduction & Initial Preparation
  • The 7 mixing mistakes
  • Which DAW?
  • Visualization of mixing
  • Basics of EQ and how to apply it
  • Basics of compression and how to apply it
  • Pro Tools session setup and configuration
  • Reaper session setup and configuration
Mixing Case Study A: Progressive Deathcore
  • Pre-Mixing & achieving a rough balance: gain staging instruments and vocals and tying your rough balance together
  • Mixing the core of the song: triggers and replacing drum samples, mixing guitars, bass, and top-down mixing
  • Finalizing a static mix: corrective adjustments, listening environment, mixing different vocal styles (guttural to clean), mixing synth and ambient effects, guitars, and bass
  • Secret weapons, automation, and mastering: altering guitar tones, enhancing drums, level riding for vocals, and final touches for pre-mastering
Mixing Case Study B: Melodic Hard Rock
  • Setup and mix preparations: tape emulation, importing tracks, creating rough balance, and performance edits
  • Diving into the mix: contextual adjustments and top-down mastering chain
  • Mixing after top-down is activated: mixing vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and side-chain compression 
  • The bigger picture: time-based effects, loudness, and automations
Mixing Case Study C: Heavy Power Metal
  • Preparing the mix: breaking down the template, performance edits for drums, checking phase and creating a rough balance
  • Sound designing acoustic drums: cleaning up the drums, sound designing the kick, snare, overheads, and toms
  • Mixing the song: mixing guitars, bass, and introducing the mastering chain, and editing and mixing vocals
  • Finalization and revisions: using artificial intelligence and enhancers, automations and tweaking the final mix, macro movements, and mix critique based on the clients wants
Mixing Case Study D: Symphonic Metal (NEWEST UPGRADE)
  • Preparing the mix: session organization, drum preparation, song analysis and notes
  • Mixing the core elements: drums, guitars, bass and vocals
  • Mixing the orchestra: percussion, strings, choirs, woodwinds, brass and sound effects
  • Finalizing the mix and master: rebalancing the mix, creative use and automation, and attention to detail
Bonus Module: Intro to Mastering
  • Analyzing with a reference
  • Surgical and corrective EQ
  • Saturation and dynamics
  • Finalizing and making the album sound cohesive 

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You already know how this works. If you procrastinate too long, you simply won't follow through.

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Here's a recap of what you'll get once you join:

  • You'll get a complete education on mixing metal music with three difference case studies covering different sub genres and styles
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What format does Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series come in?

The format is an online course. Once you purchase Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series, you will create a username and password that you will use to access the course. 

Who is Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series for?

This course is for any rock or metal musician with a desire to learn how to create industry-standard mixes for their own releases and also work with other bands and artists to expand. 

Can I access Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series at any time?

Yes! Once you purchase Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series, you will always have access to the course. In fact, we encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish! 

Can beginners take Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series or is it just for  professionals?

Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series takes you from start to finish, step-by-step so that anyone who has a passion for mixing metal music can achieve their desired result. 

How long will it take me to go through Metal Producer Overlord: Mixing Series?

This really depends on you. We recommend not rushing through the course and spending adequate time on each module. We also encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish. Remember, once you purchase the course you'll always have access to it. 

Can't I just learn mixing & mastering by watching YouTube videos?

There are some videos that can cover some of what is talked about, but nowhere near to the degree of what Nic Z takes you through. This course is also laid out step-by-step making it easy to follow and apply the things you learn.