Take your Metal rhythm guitar playing to the next level and expand your creativity!

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Did you know that most Metal guitar players never even come close to reaching their full potential?

In the words of James Hetfield, it's "sad but true." 

Here’s the problem you face...

Most guitar players think that they have to be some sort of prodigy to play amazing Metal riffs.
So they only get to a certain point and stay there.

This means you’ll never know what kind of guitar player you could be.
You’ll never try to start that band or release that song because you feel like you can’t get past that hump.

The solution for any Metal guitar player...

Fortunately for you, there’s a simple solution.

Let me introduce you to Metal Riff Master, the ultimate Metal rhythm guitar course that’s going to help boost your skills beyond what you thought was possible. 

  • You're going to master the core Metal guitar methods by playing riffs in a specific sequence
  • You'll master your fretboard by playing progressions 'outside of the box'
  • You're going to master learning endless possibilities by combining multiple techniques
  •  You'll master your ability to play faster and with more accuracy with the backing tracks that are included with each riff
  •  You'll also master the art of writing your own riffs as I'll teach you how to build on these lessons
  • You'll finally get to that level of mastery that you didn't think was possible

Personal note from the creator, Jason Stallworth

I know what it's like to get to that point in your guitar playing and feel stuck. You feel like it's just not in the cards for you to get much better.

That's exactly why I created Metal Riff Master for you. I came up with a specific methodology and sequence of riff lessons that are designed to help you breakthrough that barrier. 

There's a much deeper level of musicianship that you're about to experience so I welcome you to join me!

- Jason

Jason Stallworth Metal Riff Master

How Metal Riff Master Has Helped Guitarists Just Like You


"What can I say?  Metal Mastermind is a must have for any guitarist, whether beginner or intermediate.  I have only been playing for a year and it has taken my guitar playing to another level.  For the price you really can't beat it.  For those who need help and love metal give it a try.  You won't be sorry METAL FOREVER!!!!"

Metal Riff Master Review - Ivan


"Jason  gives you great examples of riffs to use to create your own masterpieces. Slowly showing the riffs with him playing  and also available tabs and backing tracks to follow. Even beginners and intermediate players can follow and learn. I have only been using it for a short time and it is an important part of my learning of metal playing."

Metal Riff Master Review - Woody


"Jason's Metal Riff Master course takes you step-by-step through various metal genres with structure and teaching success. 
Along the way, useful tips on riff and songwriting are given, all in a sympathetic manner. 
The course has already brought me to a higher level today."

Metal Riff Master Review - Thorsten


"I really wanted to flex my rhythm chops and you helped out a lot with that and with song ideas thank you so much I love the course."

Metal Riff Master Review - Gene


"Metal Riff Master has opened my eyes more on playing metal guitar and helped me expand my rhythm guitar skills."

Metal Riff Master Review - Roge


"If you want to improve your rhythm playing and timing on guitar, this is the right course!"

Metal Riff Master Review - Stephan

What You Get With Metal Riff Master:

Prep Module

Thorough introduction of flow, structure, and tips on how to get the most out of this course.

Mindset Module

A guide to help you overcome the mental barriers that many guitarists face when pursuing that next level musicianship.

70 Metal Riff Lessons!

7 modules with 10 riffs for each module all focusing on different Metal guitar methods and techniques.

Guitar Tabs

Each module will contain a downloadable PDF guitar tab file that you can use to follow along with the riffs.
**Also includes Guitar Pro files!

Backing Tracks

Each lesson will have a complete backing track at the end of the video for you to play along with at the target BPM.
**Also includes downloadable extended backing tracks!

2 bonus modules

You're getting 2 bonus modules that will help you expand your creativity even further

(**See below for the bonus content!)

Over 3.5 hours of focused content!

You Also Get 2 Bonus Modules:

Bonus 1: Writing Your Own Riffs

You're going to learn some awesome strategies on how to write your own Metal riffs! I'll also show you how to build on the riffs that you learned throughout the course and deeply expand your creativity. 

Bonus 2: Gear Talk

You know that music gear is our favorite thing to talk about and I'm sharing everything I used (and why) to create this course and get the tones that you hear. I also share some money-saving gear tips with you!

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Soon it will be too late...

You already know how this works. If you procrastinate too long, you simply won't follow through.

I would really hate to see you not unlock your true potential at becoming the best Metal guitarist that you can be. This is your passion and it's what you love. You deserve to pursue what you love.

So get started now and you'll get...

  • The core metal guitar methods and techniques used for rhythms
  • How to mentally prepare for ultimate success in this course (this will actually help you in every area of life!)
  • 70 Metal guitar riff lessons
  • Complete guitar tabs for each riff
  • Backing tracks that you can play along with for each lesson
  • Bonus 1: Riff Writing
  • Bonus 2: Gear Talk

Not to mention the fact that you can go through this course as many times as you want! Once you buy it, it's yours!

In fact, I encourage you to go through these lessons over and over. It will only make you better and you'll learn new things everytime! 


Metal Riff Master




Frequently asked questions

What format does Metal Riff Master come in?

The format is an online course. Once you purchase Metal Riff Master, you will create a username and password that you will use to access the course. 

Is Metal Riff Master good for beginners?

It's recommended that you at least know the basics of guitar like chords and a few basic scales. This course is designed for guitarists that are at an intermediate level and beyond, or who have been playing guitar consistently for at least 6 months and are comfortable with the basics. 

Can I access Metal Riff Master at any time?

Yes! Once you purchase Metal Riff Master, you will always have access to the course. In fact, I encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish! 

Can advanced guitarists benefit from Metal Riff Master?

Absolutely! Although the riffs may not be as challenging to an advanced guitarist, there is still a lot that you will learn, and more so the course will help you come up with new ideas for your own riffs and writing. 

Can I download the guitar tabs in the course?

Yes. Each module has an intro section in which the guitar tabs can be downloaded for that module. So you'll ultimately download 7 PDF guitar tabs files (1 for each module). 

If you use Guitar Tab Pro, those files are available to you as well in these sections. 

How long will it take me to go through Metal Riff Master?

This really depends on you. We recommend not rushing through the course and spending adequate time on each module. We also encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish. Remember, once you purchase the course you'll always have access to it. 

Can't I just get free lessons by watching YouTube videos?

You could. However, what sets this course apart is that it's a hyper-focused series of structured lessons. In other words, it's designed to help the serious guitarist make progress, taking your skills and creativity to the next level.

Can I download the backing tracks?

Yes! There are two types of backing tracks. 

1) There is a short backing track at the end of each video lesson that you can play along with.

2) There are a set of downloadable backing tracks for each lesson module. Even better, you get a full mix with drums, bass, and guitar as well as an additional mix without the guitar (just drums and bass). 

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