Turn Your Riffs, Lyrics, and Ideas into Captivating & Original Songs that You're Proud of and Overcome Songwriter's Block 

Metal Songwriter's Forge

Online Songwriting Course By Metal Mastermind Founders: Jason Stallworth & Ken Candelas



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Your Music is about Creating and Developing Your Own Sound and Style

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If you allow yourself to remain stuck in this rut or accept writer's block, then you will be depriving the world of hearing the amazing and passion-driven music that you have within you.

Let us introduce you to Metal Songwriter's Forge, the ultimate songwriting course that will have you cranking out more new and original music than you ever thought was possible!

  • You're going to learn how to write music from both a simple and 'in layman's terms' perspective as well as how to use music theory for writing your songs
  • You'll learn how to connect chords and progressions to make smooth transitions between the different parts of your song to develop your song's structure
  • You'll get insights on writing lyrics, melodies, and using different types of vocals for your song
  •  You'll get an in-depth songwriting perspective of multiple instruments including vocals, rhythm guitar, lead, drums, and bass.
  • We'll take you through every detail of the creative process of the complete song 'You Are Your Master' written specifically for this course!

Personal Note From Your Instructors:

Jason Stallworth & Ken Candelas

In this metal songwriting course, we're not telling you 'how' to write a song. Our goal is to boost your creative freedom by presenting ideas and concepts to you so that you can bring out the best songwriter possible that's already within you. 

It's all about developing your own style and sound, and building on that. We provide a roadmap on how you can do that through writing riffs, progressions, lyrics, drums, bass, and supporting instruments. 

We want you to write songs that not only you will be proud of but also know that they are true to you. And we're honored to be a part of your journey as a rock and metal songwriter. 

- Jason Stallworth & Ken Candelas

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Here's What You Get:

Structured Video Lessons

Tracks, Music Notation, and Guide Downloads

Guide for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, & Lyrics

Unlimited access

Metal Songwriter's Forge what you get
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Over 8 Hours of Content

You'll get structured video lessons. Each module will have you focused specific parts of the songwriting process (ex 1: lyrics and melodies, ex 2: riffs and progressions). 

You'll learn concepts and ideas that will help you write and compose a complete that's original to your own style and sound. 

Metal Songwriters Forge sheet music and downloads
Music, Notation, & Guide

You'll get downloads of professional tabs, music notation, and MP3 music files that support the sections throughout your songwriting course

You'll also get a complete music theory guide.

Along with that, you'll have access to a powerful template that will help you protect your music and claim ownership.   

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Access Anytime

You'll be granted access your online course where you can choose your password and will be able to log in at any time, anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

This allows you to go through the course at your own pace.  

Metal Songwriter's Forge is also a one-time cost, no monthly subscriptions.

Metal Songwriter's Forge Course Outline

Metal Songwriters Forge module intro
Introduction & Preparation Module
  • Intro, Course Flow, & How to Get the Most Out of this Course
  • Your Mindset & the 5 Principles of Songwriting
  • Music Theory Booklet Download
Metal Songwriters Forge module 1
Module 1: Song Structure & Arrangement
  • Module Intro - Song Structure & Arrangement
  • Capturing Your Initial Idea
  • Chorus & Examples
  • Verse & Examples
  • Bridge & Examples
  • Instrumental/Solo & Examples
  • Intro/Outro & Examples
  • Complete Song Structures
Metal Songwriters Forge module 2
Module 2: Songwriting Fundamentals & Progressions
  • Module Intro: Fundamentals with Chord Map
  • Where it Starts: Riffs and Rhythms.
  • Minor vs. Major: Use Cases & Circle of Fifths
  • Riffs & Progressions: Examples in B Minor
  • Riffs & Progressions: Examples in E Minor
  • Riffs & Progressions: Examples in A Minor
  • Riffs & Progressions: Examples with Key Changes
  • Establishing the Concept of Your Song
  • Lyric Writing Fundamentals
Metal Songwriters Forge module 3
Module 3: Analysis of "You Are Your Master" - Core of the Song
  • Module Intro: Tabs and Sheet Music
  • Song Intro: Riff Breakdown
  • Song Intro: Theory Connection
  • Verse: Riff Breakdown
  • Verse: Theory Connection
  • Breaks: Riff Breakdown
  • Breaks: Theory Connection
  • Chorus: Riff Breakdown
  • Chorus: Theory Connection
  • Rhythm for Solo: Riff Breakdown
  • Rhythm for Solo: Theory Connection
  • Outro: Riff Breakdown
  • Outro: Theory Connection
Metal Songwriters Forge module 4
Module 4: Rhythms & Arrangements (Drums & Bass)
  • Module Intro to Rhythms & Arrangements
  • Writing Bass Parts and the Role of Bass
  • Drums from a Guitarist's Perspective
  • Real Drummer's Perspective, Drum Formula, and Song Breakdown
  • Drum Programming
  • Exercising Your Creativity: Cycles of Inspiration
Metal Songwriters Forge module 5
Module 5: Writing Lyrics and Melodies
  • Module Intro: Writing Lyrics & Creating Melodies
  • Strategies for Writing Lyrics
  • Strategy for Writing Vocal Melodies
  • Creating the Initial Lyrics and Melodies (Original Draft Included)
  • Approach to Lyrics: Concept, Syllables, Consonants, Cadence, Rhyming, Thesaurus, etc.
  • Revising the Lyrics and Melodies for the Intended Vocalist
  • Specific for Singers
Metal Songwriters Forge module 6
Module 6: Solos & Improvisation
  • Module Intro: Approach to Solos
  • Guitar Solo Formula

What Students are Saying about Metal Songwriter's Forge

Metal Songwriter's Forge review - Mark at Studio 36

Finally, we have this GREAT and unique guide to metal songwriting...

"Making a metal songwriting course is not an easy task at all, but you guys did a great job. I already learned a lot of very useful things from this course. The theoretical approach is awesome and a good basic knowledge of music theory is a prerequisite to understand everything. Once again, this is fantastic...finally we have this GREAT and unique guide to metal songwriting. Keep it metal!"

Mark - Studio 36

Metal Songwriter's Forge review - Carl from The Afflicted

It's helped us as a band...

"Metal Song Writer's Forge is amazing!
It's helped us as a band so much and thank you for making this course! We are getting a lot out of it and we are getting to know more about music theory, too, so it's a great help!"

Carl - The Afflicted

Metal Songwriter's Forge review - Brent Jewart

Brought my musical ideas to fruition...

"The course is awesome!! It has really helped to bring my musical ideas to fruition. It is what I have been looking for. Thanks so much!"

Brent Jewart - Musician & Songwriter

Metal Songwriter's Forge review - Steve Monk

It's a very detailed and excellent course...

"It's a very detailed excellent course I play some parts over and take notes on things I am going to use. For example the Circle of Fifths changing keys what chords fit the best is a great exercise explained by you that is easier to understand."

Steve Monk - Musician & Songwriter

You Also Get 2 Bonus Modules:

Bonus 1: Guide to Recording & Producing Your Song

You've written your song, but now what? If you don't get it out there, then it's all for nothing! This free bonus that you'll get will take you through the steps of the recording and production process.

Bonus 2: Contract Templates to Protect Your Music

Interband agreements and Copyright contract templates that you can use as a guide to protect yourself, your band, and your music. 

Metal Songwriter's Forge

Metal Songwriter's Forge



Also Includes:

Guide to Recording & Producing Your Song



Contract Templates to Protect Your Song



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***Lifetime access - No subscription fees!


What format does Metal Songwriter's Forge come in?

The format is an online course. Once you purchase Metal Songwriter's Forge, you will get an email with instructions for immediate access. 

Is Metal Songwriter's Forge good for beginner musicians?

As long as you have some level of knowledge of the basics of your instrument and/or voice, this course is actually a great place to start developing good habits when it comes to songwriting. This course is designed to help you progress further and faster. 

Can I access Metal Songwriter's Forge at any time?

Yes! Once you purchase Metal Songwriter's Forge, you will always have access to the course at any time you wish. In fact, we encourage you to go through the course multiple times as you'll pick up new ideas each time! 

I'm already a proficient songwriter and musician. Can I still benefit from Metal Songwriter's Forge?

Absolutely! Going through this course can potentially give you new ideas and also help you break out of those ruts, which we all go through, at all levels. There's always more to learn! 

How long will it take me to go through Metal Songwriter's Forge?

We recommend not rushing through the course. Focus on one lesson, or at least one module at a time. You can also go back through the course as many times as you want since you have lifetime access. There's no time-limit, nor should there be. Allow the content in the course to speak to you in different ways each time you go through it.