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It's Time To Stop Struggling With Writing Original Lyrics and Connecting Riffs...

Writing your own metal song can be the most rewarding thing in your life. But it can also be the most frustrating.

Tell me...do you struggle with any of these?

  • Can't seem to make your riff into a song
  • You've got a verse, but what about the chorus?
  • When you read your own lyrics, they sound cliche and even a little cheesy; they don't sound original
  • You have a case of writer's block and draw a complete blank every time you try to write lyrics or music
  • You just need help on where to start!

Your Solution

Fortunately for you, there’s a simple solution.

Let us introduce you to our Metal Songwriting Crash Course!

This is going to give you an excellent starting point as you'll learn some amazing methods to writing your first complete song that you can be proud of! 

What You Get With Our Metal Songwriting Crash Course:

Module 1: Riffs and Progressions

First, you'll learn how to turn your initial riff into a progression, making it a true piece of music that you can use. Next, you'll learn an easy method that will help you turn your riffs and progressions into a complete song. 

Module 2: Lyrics and Melodies

You'll learn how to write original lyrics that aren't cliche and that don't sound too close to other songs, bands, or artists. We also share a unique lyric-writing method that you can use that will help you overcome writer's block. And you'll learn the most important things to consider when writing melodies for your lyrics and vocals.

Module 3: Foundation of Your Song

Lastly, we'll dive into some useful considerations for the backbone of every song; the drums and the bass. These are often forgotten in the initial songwriting phase but you'll learn how to approach these instruments as well as other accompanying instruments for your song. 

Personal Note from the Course Creators and Owners of Metal Mastermind™

Ken Candelas

Pro audio Engineer, INstructor, and Founder of Homerik

Ken is a professional audio engineer and instructor for SAE Institute of Technology in New York and has done audio for big names like Good Morning America. He's also the frontman, songwriter, and founder of the Cinematic Metal project Homerik. 

Jason Stallworth Metal Riff Master

Jason Stallworth

Independent recording artist and Published Author

Jason has released multiple albums in the heavy metal genre and is known for his riffs and unique and empowering lyrics from his latest release, Masterpeace. He's also the author of the book Heavy Metal & Weights and has written several fitness eBooks and publications. 

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