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Metal Studio Designer

Online Course By Pro Audio Professor: Ken Candelas

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Learning Acoustics at a University could cost up to $30,000/year...

This is Your Solution to Gatekeeping.

  • You're going to learn the fundamentals of sound and how to calculate it for your pro home studio (with a step-by-step guide!)
  • You'll be able to properly decode electricity requirements so you know exactly how much power you need for your space
  • You're going to  go in-depth on studio acoustics, including how to isolate and treat your room with mathematics
  • You'll learn how sound works, how to fool the brain and all about how our voice and ear works
  • You'll get complete studio blueprints, presentation slides and an entire plethora of information to download such as how to budget and plan
  • You'll also get a module on what kind of computer your studio needs, and what specs to look for in a computer for making content

Personal Note From Ken

I'll be honest, this course is not for the faint of heart...

The challenge you will face is immense.

But do you want to compete with the best of the best from home? Yet, getting an education in acoustics and audio engineering can cost up to $30,000 for just one year! I teach at two universities... I know!

That's what Metal Studio Designer is about. It gives you the tools and ammunition to be able to build your own home studio the way you want, while understanding the principles of acoustics and electricity at its core... at an unbelievable fraction of the price!

In fact, most students who go through a course like this come out even better at audio engineering!

But, you have to promise me something: are you going to go through it to get to it?

I will show you exactly what you need to reach the other side and become quite the acoustician yourself! However, it's going to be grueling...

Let's put the pedal to the metal and get that dream studio done! You've got everything you need here.

- Ken Candelas

Professor, pro audio engineer, and founder of symphonic/cinematic metal band Homerik

Ken Candelas - Metal Music Theory course

What Musicians Say About Ken's Teaching Style


"It was honestly mind boggling how different things were after leaving Ken’s class. Ken was informative, patient, and thorough in the way he teaches."

Blake H.

"I used this studio construction project as a way to plan out my home studio, pick gear, and to make sure it was all within my budget.  It was hard work and had a lot of moving pieces, but once it was done, I was happy with my choices.  Going forward, I like to use my experience as ways to help others create their ideal home studio and not break the bank doing it."


"Thank you for not gatekeeping this information! I've learned so much from Ken. He breaks down information in a way that I can understand plainly but intelligently."

Here's What You Get:

Structured and Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons

You'll start with the fundamentals of sound. From there, you'll experience a natural and gradual progression by learning and applying the theory to your studio construction project.

This course is designed to help you learn faster and more efficiently. 

Downloadable Textbooks, Slides & Blueprints

You'll get the complete slides along with studio layout examples that you can use as references as you're learning. You'll also get examples of budgeting and figures for your space.

Access at Anytime and Learn at Your Own Pace

You can access your course at anytime so that you can go at your own pace. 

You can also go back through the lessons or the entire course as many times as you want. 

Metal Studio Designer is also a one-time cost, no monthly subscriptions!

Lesson Modules and Contents

Module 1: Theory & Foundation of Waves
  • Laws of Nature
  • Defining Sound
  • Nature of Waves
  • Frequency & Period
  • Wavelength & Velocity of Sound
  • Amplitude & Intensity
  • Inverse Square Law
  • Decibels & Logarithms
  • Sound Pressure Level
Module 2: Properties of Waves
  • Transmission & Propagation
  • Superposition & Interference
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Huygens Principle & Diffraction
  • Absorption
  • Reverberation
  • Diffusion
  • Polarization
Module 3: Synthesis & Harmonics
  • Phase
  • Fourier Theorem & Harmonics
  • Tone Generators & Sonic Hues
  • Resonance & Standing Waves
  • Mersenne's Law
  • Shaping
  • Fourier Transform
Module 4: Anatomy & Psychoacoustics
  • Anatomy of the Ear
  • Hearing Loss
  • Anatomy of the Voice & Formants
  • Binaural Sound Localization & Spatial Perception
  • Limit of Frequency Discrimination
  • Beat Frequencies
  • Masking, Critical Band & Ohm's Law of Hearing
  • Equal Loudness Principle
  • Haas Effect
  • Doppler Effect
Module 5: Electromagnetism
  • Fundamentals of Electricity
  • Ohm's Law: Resistance
  • Ohm's Law: Power
  • Ohm's Law: Voltage
  • Ohm's Law: Current
  • Conductance & Resistivity
  • Magnetism & Inductance
  • Charge & Capacitance
  • Biasing & Rectification
  • Transistors & Integrated Circuits
  • Amplification
  • Wiring Anatomy
Module 6: Digital Audio
  • Cases, Motherboards & Power Supplies
  • Processors & Graphics Cards
  • Primary Storage: Cache & R.A.M.
  • Secondary Storage: Hard Drives & R.A.I.D.
  • Binary Digits
  • Conversion & Sample Rate
  • Quantization & Bit-Depth
  • Operations & Latency
  • Audio Protocols & Servers
  • Clocks & File Formats
Module 7: Studio Construction
  • Evaluation
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Layout & Design
  • Electrics & H.V.A.C.
  • Acoustic Isolation
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Wiring Installation
  • Tools

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What format does Metal Studio Designer come in?

The format is an online course. Once you purchase Metal Studio Designer, you will create a username and password that you will use to access the course. 

Who is Metal Studio Designer for?

This course is for any rock or metal musician with a desire to take their musicianship to the next level by learning how to build their own studio.  This course does not specifically cover production techniques like recording, mixing or mastering. However, the fundamentals of sound do apply to those topics.

Can I access Metal Studio Designer at any time?

Yes! Once you purchase Metal Studio Designer, you will always have access to the course. In fact, we encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish! 

Is Metal Studio Designer just for producers?

Metal Studio Designer is for anyone who wants to build an acoustically treated space. You can use the concepts for a rehearsal room equally as much as a recording facility.

Can I download the slides and examples given in the course?

Yes! You will be instructed throughout the course where to download slides and examples. 


How long will it take me to go through Metal Studio Designer?

This really depends on you. We recommend not rushing through the course and spending adequate time on each module. We also encourage you to go through the course as many times as you wish. Remember, once you purchase the course you'll always have access to it. 

Can't I just learn studio construction by watching YouTube videos?

There are some videos that can cover some of what is talked about, but nowhere near to the degree of a walkthrough guide. What sets this course apart is that it's a hyper-focused series of structured lessons. Ken also has a special way of teaching you so that it's fun and engaging.