Metal Vocal Coaching

One-on-One Sessions with Metal Vocal Coach, Elizabeth de Deus

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Elizabeth with Help You Discover and Develop Your Own Unique Metal Voice

  • Elizabeth will teach you how to master your Metal vocal technique for styles such as: clean, raspy, growls, guttural and screams.
  • Tutor you on how to better attribute music theory into your songwriting. 
  • Breakdown how to prepare for your studio session so you can get the best vocal takes.
  • Give you customized routines and information on how to take care of your voice for absolute vocal longevity.
  • Guidance on how to become the best frontman or frontwoman you can be.
  • Discovering your own voice and its potential.
  • Give in-depth harmonic training so you can make better melodies and countermelodies. 
  • Push you out of your comfort zone so you can foster growth in your musicianship.

Personal Note From Elizabeth

With my years of experience as a vocalist and vocal coach in the Heavy Metal industry, I am passionately committed to helping you explore and master your vocal potential.

My coaching philosophy is to create a supportive and dynamic learning environment where you will develop your individual vocal style, explore your own boundaries, and create a powerfully authentic metal sound.

It's time to take your vocal technique seriously. All the best Metal vocalists have a coach, because they know it pushes them to be better!

Let me help you reach the next level. I'm here for you.

- Elizabeth de Deus

What Elizabeth's Students Say About Her Teaching Style


"Elizabeth is an excellent vocal coach who has helped develop my singing voice and ultimately become a better musician/performer. She has taught me proper vocal technique, music theory, how to access my mixed & head voice, how to match pitch and many more. The music theory is super helpful because I was able to apply it to covering songs. She is kind, patient and a great friend. Working with Elizabeth has been a great experience as she is truly inspiring and has continuously helped me progress as a singer."


"I hired Elizabeth to help get my singing voice back, and she did an OUTSTANDING job. The song came out beautiful and I truly couldn’t have done it without Elizabeth’s guidance."


"[Elizabeth] is incredibly compassionate and understanding and works on my timeline. Being an adult and having two kids she is able to work with me and my schedule. I thought doing virtual lessons was going to be hard, but she really takes the time to break down the lessons until I’m fully understanding what is happening. I couldn’t recommend her enough. So far, with her, I have taken music theory, songwriting, singing and piano lessons. Couldn’t be happier!"


"Elizabeth knows how to make the most of her musical talent and allows me to feel confident so that I can continue to learn and grow ... Thank you!"

Here's What You Get:

A Masterclass, Just For You

You and your coach can provide resources to create a lesson that meets your needs! Your coach can give you the advice and materials you need to grow.

Online Recorded Video Access

Don't want to forget what you learned with your coach? Ask your coach to record the lesson for you. We will upload it so you can download it at your earliest convenience.


Each class is paid in advance, so you get the attention you require without doubt! You will have our undivided attention to make your experience a successful one.

Here's Elizabeth's Agenda For You:

Growls, Guttural and Screaming Vocal Styles

How to do them safely, while still sounding intense!

Clean & Raspy Vocals

How to sing melodic lines, stay in tune and add angst.


Writing a song? Let Elizabeth help you uncover the missing piece to your composition.

Music Theory

Music theory can be tough without some guidance. Elizabeth is equipped to help you understand what music theory is all about and how to apply it.

Studio Vocals

Booked studio time and need to know how to prepare for it? Elizabeth is ready to give you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your session. Time is money, so doing this will ensure that you make it count!

Vocal Maintenance

Learn from a pro how vocalists keep their voice intact for the longterm.

***Being a Metal Vocal Virtuoso student brings along benefits that will keep your lesson more efficient!

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Elizabeth de Deus



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You might be thinking to yourself, why should I get a coach when I have access to the course? One hour is expensive!

But that's where you're wrong.

See, you can buy a pre-recorded course at any time. But that's the thing - you can ALWAYS buy it tomorrow...

That's what's going to hold you back!

Getting an hour with a professional will teach you more than what a course can do for you on your own - every time! And it will pressure you to make the time to grow your skills.

If you really want to be a better musician, and we mean REALLY want it...

Then one hour is a drop in the bucket for what you'll GAIN in the long run - a successful music career. There's no excuse.

So... are you ready to grab the bull by its horns?

Here's a recap of what's on the agenda once you book your coach, Elizabeth:

  • Clean & Raspy Vocal Styles
  • Growls, Guttural and Screaming Metal Vocal Styles
  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting
  • Studio Vocals
  • Vocal Maintenance


Book One Hour With Elizabeth

Elizabeth de Deus



Get Metal Vocal Virtuoso for an Exclusive, One-Time Discount!


How do I access my coaching session?

You can book and access your lesson all through one place; our student portal. It's the same place where you can log in and access all of your Metal Mastermind courses!

Is coaching good for beginners?

Absolutely. Your coach can guide you from the very beginning on how to properly go about your musical career towards success.

I have a lot of experience. How would this help me?

The best performers always seek to test their boundaries to reach new heights. Let us help you break the glass ceiling!

Do I need software to access my lesson?

We have an entire platform through our student portal which handles all the technical aspects to access your coach. No additional software is needed. Just log in, book your time, and attend the session - all in one place!

Do I have access to downloadable material?

Yes! Just ask your coach for anything you think you might need for the lesson. Your coach can also provide resources for you to better enhance your experience. You can also request your coach to record your meeting so you can go back and recap what you learned later.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my lesson?

Please read our refund, cancellation and rescheduling policy here.

How can I get that exclusive discount?

Buy Metal Vocal Virtuoso, log in to your course, and scroll down till you get to the last module. That's where you'll find the exclusive link to buy one discounted session with Elizabeth!